From April, 11th 2013 to April, 12th 2013

Double Negative presents: New Prairie Cinema & WNDX Collective

Founded in 2005, Winnipeg's WNDX Collective was created with the intention of filling an artistic void in the Prairies by developing a film festival (WNDX Festival of Moving Image), dedicated to cinema in its broadest expression, including experimental and avant-garde films. This Collective features all types of motion pictures, including film, digital video, projections of multiple platforms and any and all innovative media forms. Part 1 of this program presents a selection of films featured at the Festival over the course of the last six years. Part 2 focuses on works by members of the WNDX Collective.

This event has been made possible through the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

About Double Negative:

Founded in 2004, Double Negative is a Montreal-based group of moving-image artists dedicated to the creation and exhibition of experimental and avant-garde cinema. Through its sustained grassroots efforts and DIY approaches to revitalize the independent filmmaking scene, Double Negative occupies a unique position in the local and national artistic communities. Besides organizing various screening events, members of the collective maintain individual artistic practices ranging from film and video to live projection performance and installation. Double Negative situates film in the wider context of contemporary art practices and actively promotes cross-disciplinary imagination to redefine the importance of the tradition of film art.



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