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Director: Bernardo Lopes [Port., 2017, 16 min, DCP, VOSTA] with Ana Luísa Costa, Mauro Hermínio, Pedro Monteiro

Pour son anniversaire, Ivan doit assumer les conséquences des choix inconsidérés qu’il a faits au cours de son adolescence.

During his birthday, Ivan undergoes the consequences of the choices he has... Read more...

Director: Renato Arroyo, Francisco de Remondes Ferreira [Port., 2017, 18 min, DCP, VOSTA] with Bruna Quintas, Maria Mourato, Carla Salgueiro

Au cours des guerres coloniales portugaises, Íris Maria, une jeune Portugaise de 18 ans née dans une petite île du Mozambique, a remporté le titre de Miss Mozambique en 1972. Voici son histoire.

During the...

Grind: The Robert Wilmote Story
Director: Yuri Alves [É.-U., 2017, 8 min, DCP, VOA] with Justina Valentine, John Wilmote, Jamel Wilmote

...

Vertical Time (Tempo Vertical)
Director: Patrícia Andrade [Port., 2017, 7 min, DCP, VOSTA]

Vertical time is an audiovisual essay about
the filmic time-space relationship created
between scenes from Maya Deren’s films
from the 1940’s and original work of the
filmmaker. Inspired by Maya Deren...

On the Following Film (Sobre o filme que se segue)
Director: José Lobo Antunes [Port., 2017, 7 min, DCP, VOSTA]

A group of directors, critics and scholars
discusses the singularities of a new cinema

Um grupo de realizadores, críticos e académicos
discute as singularidades de uma nova
obra-...

Vhils - Debris, Macau
Director: José Pando Lucas [Port, 2017, 4 min, DCP, VOSTA]

The pace at which the world is moving has sped up dramatically compared to 20 years ago, and while this has given us an infinity of positive things and progress, it has also given rise to new questions and paradigms. Is the world still a big... Read more...

Fall (Outono)
Director: Nádia Santos [Port., 2017, 15 min, DCP, VOSTA]

A young couple tries to reinvent itself and
try to overcome the past by engaging in a
game of play and pretend during a visit to a
big-box home decor store. It’s in this perfect
family scenario that the contrasts...

Director: Francisco Mineiro, Leonor Abreu [Port., 2017, 11 min, DCP, VOSTA]

During her journey to escape from Syria, Chelonia finds herself surrounded by an unexpected violence and tries to find shelter in her memories.

Durante a sua jornada para escapar da Síria, Chelonia encontra-se cercada por uma... Read more...

Portuguese Inspirations (Inspirações Portuguesas)
Director: António Freitas, Fábio Silva [Port., 2017, 6 min, DCP, VOSTA]

This Movie is a travel made by two designers through Portugal to discover the art of manufacture. Although the confection process has been modified by the technological evolution, the secrets of productions continue to be passed down from... Read more...

The Author (O Autor)
Director: Rui Neto [Port., 2017, 11 min, DCP, VOSTA]

After being struck by a love tragedy, an anguished screenwriter receives a visit from one of his characters.

Depois de uma tragédia amorosa, um guionista angustiado recebe a visita de uma das suas personagens.

Director: Tânia Dinis [Port., 2017, 10 min, DCP, VOSTA]

Laura is an essay film whose inception began from a project of research and collection of familial photographical archives. It departs from the exploration of the notion of images as bygone experiences in time which, from that timelessness,... Read more...

The Hat (O Chapéu)
Director: Alexandra Alves [Port., 2017, 4 min, DCP, VOSTA]

The day of a street cleaner is changed when he finds a magic hat.

O dia de um varredor de jardim é alterado quando encontra um chapéu mágico.

First breath after coma
Director: Collectif Casota [Port., 2017, 5 min, DCP, SD]

The water as a mystery of life.

A água como mistério da vida.



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