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Off Route 2
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2011, 11 min, 35 mm, VOA]

The sexy spectacle of a car crash is only the beginning. Twisted metal, flowing blood, andbones protruding from broken flesh serve asa mere backdrop to a deeper look at trauma and the often-anticlimactic aftermath of personal tragedy. It is in... En savoir plus

Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2004, 9 min, 16 mm, muet]

Throughout the journey, meanings that symbols once held for us shift and change as black and white blend to form grey. We see ourselves reflected in the world around us and the world around us envelops us. Things that were once threatening become... En savoir plus

Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2009, 14 min, 16 mm + 16 mm, SD]

Transmissions est une performance improvisée qui explore les ondes radio et le rêve, les satellites et les idées, l’internet sans fil et les cellulaires, la télévision et les émissions radio... En savoir plus

HiFi Normal
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2014, 8 min, vidéo, SD]

A telecommunications tower in the centre of Moncton has become almost useless, standing alone in the middle of this otherwise flat city. A looping image of this landmark gradually decays until it is replaced completely with abstraction. Opting... En savoir plus

Knowledge of Good and Evil
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2005, 1 min, 16 mm, muet]

Knowledge of Good and Evil is an abstract exploration of the tension surrounding women and stereotypical representations of their knowledge.  This film was created from footage shot at Phil Hoffman's independent imaging retreat... En savoir plus

3part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2006, 6 min, 16 mm, SD]

This experimental dance film employs a bastardized version of the 1930s three strip Technicolor process. Shot entirely on black and white film through color filters, the images were recombined into full color through optical printing techniques,... En savoir plus

Fallen Flags
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2007, 8 min, 16 mm, SD]

A layered tapestry of trains and underwater footage exploring the realms of fear death and transience, this film places the traces of human voices amidst the flickering light and shadows of empty passenger cars.

... En savoir plus
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [P.-B., 2008, 8 min, 16 mm, VOA]

v=d/t is the physics formula which calculates velocity by dividing the distance traveled by the time required to travel that distance.  This film explores the possibility of measuring distances between loved ones through time zones... En savoir plus

Lovesong for Lost Endings
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2012, 8 min, 8 mm, SD]

Performance avec un projecteur super 8 mm

A Sum of Simpler Forces
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2010, 2018, 5 min, num., SD]

Nouveau film inédit

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Where Ocean Meets Air
Réalisation : Amanda Dawn Christie [Can., 2016, 16 min, 16 mm, SD]

Performance avec projecteur 16 mm

Expanded cinema performance for one 16mm projector

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