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Méliès & de Chomón on the Moon

Méliès et de Chomón sur la lune (Silent)
Main screening room
July 5th, 2024
63 min
Science fiction

Science fiction pushes the boundaries, explores the improbable, and envisions the future of humanity. It also exposes us to extravagant visual effects and the inventive power of cinema, reflecting our deepest fantasies. In cinema, science fiction is immersive, creating worlds suddenly within our reach. This summer, over one hundred films from the history of cinema will allow us to witness this!

Accompanied on the piano by Roman Zavada

Méliès & de Chomón on the Moon
Directed by
Georges Méliès, Segundo de Chomón
63 min
Action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, science fiction
Digital, 35 mm

Space exploration and science fiction in the silent era: 4 films by Georges Méliès (A Trip to the Moon, The Impossible Voyage, The Astronomer's Dream, The Eclipse: Courtship of the Sun and Moon) and 2 films by Segundo de Chomón (Excursion to the Moon, The Electric Hotel).

A Trip to the Moon and The Electric Hotel are from our collections, the latter being presented in 35mm.

Méliès & de Chomón on the Moon

Georges Méliès

Georges Méliès was a French filmmaker and illusionist. Having chosen magic as his profession, he used a donation from his father to become the owner and director of the Robert-Houdin Theatre in 1888, which had been dormant since the death of the famous illusionist. In December 1895, he discovered moving images with wonder during the first public screening of the Cinématographe by the Lumière brothers in Paris and offered to buy the machine's patent. A polite but mocking refusal led him to turn to a London friend, the first British filmmaker, Robert W. Paul, who provided him with an intermittent mechanism to shot his first film in 1896, Playing Cards, a remake of the Louis Lumière’s film. That same year, with The Vanishing Lady, he used for the first time in Europe the stop trick, an American discovery, which ensured him great success in his theatre, where he mixed live performances with large-screen projections. Méliès is considered one of the main creators of early film special effects, including superimpositions, dissolves, and enlargements and reductions of characters. He was also the first filmmaker to use storyboards. He built the first film studio in France on a property in Montreuil given by his father. With his film about the Dreyfus affair, he is also considered the first director of a political film in cinema history.

Segundo de Chomón

Segundo de Chomón was a pioneering Spanish film director, cinematographer and screenwriter. He produced many short films in France while working for Pathé Frères and has been compared to Georges Méliès, due to his frequent camera tricks and optical illusions. He is regarded as the most significant Spanish silent film director in an international context, as well as one of the pioneers of animated cinema.

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