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Our October program is here!
The Cinémathèque québécoise conserves Quebec’s and Canadian cinema, as well as international animated film. Its mission is also to present these works and support cinematic art in all its forms.
September 22nd, 2023
September 22nd, 2023
Lucky Luciano

This Fall at the Cinémathèque

Until September 30, get 2 extra months when you purchase of a Student Membership!

September 23rd, 2023
Letter from an Unknown Woman
September 23rd, 2023
The Grand Budapest Hotel
September 23rd, 2023
September 24th, 2023
A Chiara
September 24th, 2023
Réjeanne Padovani 
September 25th, 2023
Good News
September 25th, 2023
September 26th, 2023
Not me!
September 26th, 2023
20 ans de docs et d'amitié
September 26th, 2023
Eeb Allay Ooo!
October 3rd, 2023
October 4th, 2023
Orphea in Love
October 16th, 2023
October 17th, 2023
Fantôme d'amour
October 18th, 2023
Le dernier métro
October 18th, 2023
The Pirate
October 19th, 2023
Les sauf-conduits et Kidnappé
October 20th, 2023
October 20th, 2023
The Man Without a Past
October 21st, 2023
Leningrad Cowboys Go America
October 24th, 2023
October 26th, 2023
Falcon Lake
October 26th, 2023
Les événements d'octobre 1970
October 27th, 2023
October 27th, 2023
L'ange et la femme
October 28th, 2023
A Chinese Ghost Story
October 29th, 2023
October 30th, 2023
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
October 31st, 2023
Les Rose

Blink Blank's issue 8 is finally here!

In this edition, our colleague Marco de Blois talks to puppet animation master Barry Purves, who was awarded this year's Cristal d'honneur for lifetime achievement at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. You'll also discover a 15-page dossier on the pinscreen, including an analysis of the film LA SAISON POURPRE by Clémence Bouchereau, written by our colleague Apolline Caron-Ottavi, as well as a selection of films made with this mythical tool by our general manager Marcel Jean and Marco de Blois.

Get your copy now at our boutique!