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Discover the unique works in this important collection.

Acquired in 2011, the Daniel Langlois Foundation Collection embodies the presence of new media within the Cinémathèque québécoise's collections.

Covering the 1960 to 2010 period and documenting the meeting of arts and technology during those years, this collection includes:

  • 2,691 audiovisual elements, master tapes and video copies of all formats;
  • 764 audio documents;
  • A library of 6,834 books, monographs, conference proceedings, essays, catalogs and specialized periodicals;
  • 2,084 files on artists, organizations and international events (festivals, biennials, and others);
  • Devices, computers, historical software and artifacts;
  • Interactive CD-ROMs and DVDROMs, narrative and documentary works by international artists.

Parts of this collection can be viewed online thanks to the Researcher-in-Residence program at the Daniel Langlois Foundation from 2002 to 2009:

Radical Software magazine (1970-1974)
The Aesthetics of Steina and Woody Vasulka, by Yvonne Spielmann
9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering diagrams, by Clarisse Bardiot
e-art: New Technologies and Contemporary Art
Lost and Found in the Images du Futur collection, by Viva Paci
Latin American Electroacoustic Music Collection, by Ricardo Dal Farra
Sonia Sheridan & Generative Systems, by Kathryn Farley