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March 7th - 13th, 2023

This cycle of six films is an opportunity to rediscover a cult period in Abel Ferrara's filmography. Ms.45, his second feature, already contains elements that will make his films of the 1990s a success: the collaboration with Nicholas St-John (who will also write King of New York, The Funeral, Snake Eyes and Body Snatchers) and actress Zoë Lund (who will co-write Bad Lieutenant), the world of neo-noir and thriller – and, of course, New York City and its urban violence. Ferrara flirts with extreme experiences in scenarios that combine crime and spirituality and the breathtaking performances of his actors - Christopher Walken and Harvey Keitel in particular. The Body Snatchers remake show how Ferrara's slowly start to explore other horizons. This cinematic tribune is a chance to present the previous adaptations of the science fiction novel in the Body Snatchers cycle.