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Carried Away - Performance by Vida Simon, Jack Stanley and Malcolm Goldstein

Salle Raoul-Barré
June 10th, 2022
6:30 PM
Experimental Cinema Symposium: creating / performing / preserving

In 2015, we proposed a first symposium on experimental cinema. Under the same title (Creating/performing/preserving) we are using the same formula: inviting filmmakers, researchers and specialists in experimental cinema to discuss current practice, the history of the practice and its place in our programming. We also offer, in the evening, high-level programs that intertwine recent short films, performances and screenings of films from the Songs series by Stan Brakhage, in 8mm, kept in our collections.

Vida Simon and Jack Stanley, with special guest Malcolm Goldstein

As part of their residency at the Cinémathèque, Vida Simon and Jack Stanley will present a brief excerpt of Carried Away, in collaboration with composer and violinist Malcolm Goldstein.

First shown in 2017, this ongoing project is conceived as a living tableau and open frame that centres on improvisation and the act of “witnessing” in the double sense of being an “eyewitness” and “bearing witness” to events that resist capture.

This performance will focus on the cinematic and sonic aspects of the work. The intent is to create a space that hovers between the everyday and some sort of mysterious ritual, where perhaps the viewers will also be carried away.

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