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Table-ronde «Godard aujourd'hui ?»

Cinematheque's Café-Bar
February 8th, 2023
5 pm
Free admission
Godard politique (1967-1976)

From the end of the 1960s, Godard became both an actor and an observer of the turmoil of his time. He captures the pre-1968 tremors such as the decline of the Trente glorieuses years, the society of housing estates and traffic jams ... During this period, marked by his relationship with Anne Wiazemsky, he became increasingly political while maintaining an amused critical eye: thus, the Mao militants do not appreciate so much La Chinoise. From 1968 on, he became more radical and tried to make films in a different way: he tried his hand at pamphlet, kinetract, and antispectacular documentary, and claimed anonymity by founding the Dziga Vertov group with his Maoist friend Jean-Pierre Gorin. In the field, he mobilized for Henri Langlois, against the Vietnam War, for the Palestinian cause... The second half of the 1970s marked a new phase, when his meeting with Anne-Marie Miéville coincided with his transition to video.

Sous le titre « Godard aujourd'hui ? », en prolongement de notre rétrospective, nous allons interroger de manière décontractée le legs poétique et cinématographique de Jean-Luc Godard.

Avec Claire Legendre, Renaud Despres-Larose et Alexandre Cloutier