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Thisquietarmy and Philippe Léonard's performance

Salle Raoul-Barré
June 9th, 2022
7:00 PM
Experimental Cinema Symposium: creating / performing / preserving

In 2015, we proposed a first symposium on experimental cinema. Under the same title (Creating/performing/preserving) we are using the same formula: inviting filmmakers, researchers and specialists in experimental cinema to discuss current practice, the history of the practice and its place in our programming. We also offer, in the evening, high-level programs that intertwine recent short films, performances and screenings of films from the Songs series by Stan Brakhage, in 8mm, kept in our collections.

Performance by Thisquietarmy and Philippe Léonard

Presented in collaboration with

Philippe Léonard

Director, cinematographer and projection designer for the stage (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Cigarettes After Sex, Thisquietarmy). He shapes his images by combining film, analog video and advanced technologies to create a unique visual material. His artistic approach is at the crossroads of expanded cinema and experimental documentary practices.


Thisquietarmy is the solo project of Eric Quach, artist and musician based in Montreal. Evolving around improvised guitar drone, he is inspired by shoegaze, krautrock and black metal music. Since 2005, he has performed nearly 600 times in 40 countries around the world. His discography counts more than 50 titles.