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Sucré Seize : Symphonie pour adolescentes

Espace Paul-Blouin
Alexa-Jeanne Dubé, Emilie Mercier
February 21st - April 2nd, 2024

Taken on the set of the feature film Sucré Seize (Sweet Sixteen), this series of portraits meeting the actresses of the film on stage. It was Emilie Mercier, the photo director, who took these portraits with a medium format film camera. The idea was to immortalize these extraordinary paintings staged for this cinematographic work. Just like the entirety of the latter, the images are captured in natural light. Thus, we offer a photographic look at Alexa-Jeanne Dubé’s film and the teenage girls who are featured in it. The feature film will be released in Quebec on March 8.

Swiss-born director of photography Emilie Mercier shares her photographic practice between here and there, and holds a bachelor's degree in photography from Concordia University. A master of natural light imagery, she has specialized in silver-based photography for over fifteen years. Emilie has worked as a production manager in the music video and film industries, and more recently as a photo director. She is best known for the 1001fesses project, a series of photographs that attracted worldwide media attention. This media exposure reinforced her reputation as a photographer with unique subjects and a sensitive eye. This project, launched 10 years ago, is one of the pioneers of the body diversity movement. Emilie Mercier focuses on key subjects such as women and their bodies, exploring and celebrating their intimacy through her lens.

Alexa-Jeanne Dubé

Alexa-Jeanne is first and foremost a comedian. We’ve appreciated her performance in the tv series Faits divers, l’Échappée, Larry, Après, La faille and much more. In 2015, the actress was nominated at the Prix Gémeaux in the best female performance for an original series produced for digital media for her role in Féminin/Féminin. The artist started directing in 2016 with her first short film YES BUT NO THANKS and has continued her path with more productions like Joutel (2021), BKS (2020) and Scopique (2017) that have all been presented in multiple festivals around the world and have each received a few prizes. In addition, her last two short films were nominated for the Gala Québec Cinéma in the category of the Best Drama Short Film. Lastly, Alexa-Jeanne is also the initiator and artistic director for the NICE TRY- belessai nights presented at Usine C since 2015, a must-see quarterly gathering of spontaneous and festive creation. In 2024, her first feature film Sweet Sixteen is released in theatres.