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Modified shutter


Artisan / fabricant

Atelier mécanique de l'ONF (Canada : Québec)


This unique copy is a shutter modified by the Mechanical Workshop of the National Film Board of Canada for the needs of animation filmmaker Pierre Hébert, who donated the object to us in the early 2010. This modified shutter was made in the 1980s by the staff of the Mechanical Workshop based on a wooden prototype that Pierre Hébert had first built. The function of the device was to facilitate the work of the filmmaker during his live film straching performances. Actuated by a pedal, it temporarily cuts off the projection. Its first use took place during the performance "Adieu Leonardo", at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in October 1987, with the musicians-performers Jean Derome, Robert M. Lepage and René Lussier, in addition to the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci, engineer and architect”. Its last use dates back to 2000 during a series of performances given at the Cinémathèque québécoise with the musician Guillaume Dostaler.