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Louis-Edmond Hamelin. Photo : Alain Giguère
Le nord au coeur
Fernand-Seguin screening room
June 21st, 2021
85 min
Rapide-Blanc 35th Anniversary

Since 1984, Rapide-Blanc has offered original and committed cinema in the image of its founders. After celebrating their 35 years at the Cinémathèque as part of RIDM 2019, Rapide-Blanc is now offering a series of 4 more recent films from its catalog.

Le Centre d’art et d’essai de la Cinémathèque québécoise (CAECQ) a pour mission de programmer prioritairement des documentaires et des fictions indépendantes québécoises, mais également des documentaires internationaux, des films d’animation et des films étrangers sous-titrés en français en privilégiant les occasions de rencontres entre le public et les artisans des films. Sa programmation est présentée conjointement à celle de la Cinémathèque québécoise sous la mention Nouveauté.

Presented by Productions Rapide-Blanc

Le nord au coeur
Nouveauté CAECQ
Directed by
Serge Giguère
85 min

Le Nord au Coeur offers us a larger-than-life character, a pioneer of geography and a great defender of aboriginality: Louis-Edmond Hamelin.

This recognized intellectual, this geographer and linguist whose books have been honored is also an inspired creator, who knew how to invent the words that were missing to describe our northernness. A "famous unknown" to be discovered thanks to the images always full of truth, humor and sensitivity of filmmaker Serge Giguère.

Le nord au coeur

Biographie de Serge Giguère

Serge Giguère is a major figure in the Quebec documentary industry and co-founder of Productions du Rapide-Blanc with Sylvie Van Brabant. Since 1984, he has directed most of his films there, including Le mystère Macpherson and À force de rêves, both winners of the Jutra for best documentary in 2015 and 2007, and the unclassifiable Le roi du drum, which won the Critics' Choice Award at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma québécois in 1992. First recognized for his work as a cameraman, Serge Giguère has signed the images of some sixty films. Resolutely humanistic, his films offer intimate journeys where the real and the imaginary intertwine to open us up to the secret dimension that links us to one another.



Louis-Edmond Hamelin. Photo : Alain Giguère

Louis-Edmond Hamelin. Photo : Alain Giguère

Serge Giguère et Louis-Edmond Hamelin. Photo : Alain Giguère

Elisabeth Ashini et Louis-Edmond Hamelin. Photo : Amis du Mushuau-nipi/Jean-Phlippe L. Messier

Serge Giguère"s Filmography

Les Productions Rapide-Blanc

Since 1984, Rapide-Blanc has been offering original and committed cinema in the image of its founders. Director and producer Sylvie Van Brabant and filmmaker Serge Giguère set the tone with Depuis que le monde est monde and Oscar Thiffault. Numerous collaborators have since come to Rapide-Blanc to create films that stand out for their sensitivity and topicality. Rapide-Blanc works mainly in the development and production of auteur films and innovative documentaries with a social impact, shown in theatres, festivals and on television.

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