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Meurtre à Pacot (VOF)
Main screening room
September 24th, 2022
130 min
Dialogues with Pasolini

This year, Pier Paolo Pasolini would have been 100 years old. From his first writings in his youth to his early death in 1975, he has traced a path and a body of work - cinematographic, literary, essayistic - that has never ceased to nourish reflection, fuel debate and inspire artists and thinkers over the decades. As part of the PPP / RRR: Pier Paolo Pasolini / Riprese Reprises Retakes academic colloquium on Pasolini's contemporary legacy, scheduled to take place in Montreal and Ottawa at the end of September, we pay tribute to the filmmaker by highlighting his impact on the present. In the form of a series of double programs, this cycle proposes to put some of his major films in dialogue with those of contemporary filmmakers, in the presence of some of them, researchers or special guests.

For more information on the PPP / RRR: Pier Paolo Pasolini / Riprese Reprises Retakes conference, visit

Aboubakar Sanogo in attendance Professor of Film at Carleton University and member of the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI)

Murder in Pacot
Directed by
Raoul Peck
French version
Ayo, Alex Descas, Thibault Vinçon
Haiti, France, Norway
130 min

After the terrible January 2010 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, an intellectual bourgeois couple struggles to reinvent a life amid the rubbles of their luxurious home. Needing money to survive, the couple decides to rent the remaining habitable part of the villa to “Alex”, a high-level foreign relief worker. He brings with him in the house, Andrémise, an ambitious 17 years old Haitian girl of modest background. Now the couple, strain by the loss of their social position, their ideals, their dreams and desires must face this toxic intrusion.

Murder in Pacot

Raoul Peck

Raoul Peck (born 9 September 1953 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti) is a Haitian filmmaker, of both documentary and feature films. He is known for using historical, political, and personal characters to tackle and recount societal issues and historical events. Peck was Haiti's Minister of Culture from 1996 to September 1997. His film, I Am Not Your Negro (2016), about the life of James Baldwin and race relations in the United States, was nominated for an Oscar in January 2017 and won a César Award in France.


Meurtre à Pacot by Raoul Peck

Meurtre à Pacot by Raoul Peck

About Meurtre à Pacot
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About Raoul Peck
Race and History: A Conversation with Raoul Peck | DOC CONFERENCE | TIFF 2016
Raoul Peck montre comment l’histoire officielle est le fruit du pouvoir

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