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Le trou (French with English subtitles)
Main screening room
March 22nd, 2024
123 min
The Great Escapes

Cinema has always been fond of escape stories. Whether epic or intimate stories, war or prison film, tragedy or comedy, these tales reflect the injustices, violence and conflicts that tear people apart, as well as their propensity for solidarity and compassion. The inventiveness the characters devote to escaping is reminiscent of that of filmmakers who stage their imprisonment in order to better break it down: an always meticulous game, set against a backdrop of spatial constraints and a race against time.

The Hole
Directed by
Jacques Becker
French with English subtitles
Michel Constantin, Jean Keraudy, Philippe Leroy
France, Italy
123 min
Crime, drama, thriller
35 mm

Four prisoners decide to escape thanks to the plan of one of them, who has already managed to flee more than once...

The Hole
Un film noble et le testament authentique du réalisateur de Casque d’or. Quel sens a la vie? La réponse à cette question, ou du moins ce qu’on en présume, réside dans des événements concrets : le besoin humain de fuir, d’avoir des relations humaines. Cette magnifique étude sur la liberté se déroule dans une prison, valorisant la solidarité conte le système et ce qui la trahit.
Peter von Bagh, 1989

Jacques Becker

Jacques Becker was a French film director and screenwriter, father of the director Jean Becker. His films, made during the 1940s and 1950s, encompassed a wide variety of genres, and they were admired by some of the filmmakers who led the French New Wave movement. He began shooting his first film, Cristobal's Gold at the dawn of World War II, but filming was interrupted due to lack of money. It was completed by Jean Stelli while he was mobilized. As a prisoner of war, Becker directed the first of three films made during the Occupation, The Trump Card (1942), upon his return to Paris. After the war, he directed several comedies, including Antoine and Antoinette, which won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947, and Rendezvous in July (1949), which earned him the Louis Delluc Prize. In 1960, he completed editing one of his finest films, his last: The Hole


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Les grandes évasions

Si les évasions ont toujours été objet de fascination, c’est peut-être parce qu’elles requièrent autant de précision technique que d’opiniâtreté morale.

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