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The Human Voice (VOSTF)
Main screening room
December 8th, 2022
29 min
Musée psychanalytique

The Musée psychanalytique "wants to be a place where artistic and cultural events can be presented to the public, where they can encounter the elaboration of a certain knowledge in the making, of an ethic and of a look that is specific to psychoanalysis". With the example of The Human Voice adapted from Jean Cocteau by Pedro Almodóvar, the playwright Peter Farbridge and the researcher Daniela Fernandez will exchange views on the dialogue between theater, cinema and psychoanalysis, which are all vehicles for approaching Cocteau's text and its setting in images.

Projection followed by a discussion with Peter Farbridge and Daniela Fernandez

The Human Voice
Directed by
Pedro Almodóvar
English with French subtitles
Tilda Swinton
29 min

A woman watches time passing next to the suitcases of her ex-lover (who is supposed to come pick them up, but never arrives) and a restless dog who doesn't understand that his master has abandoned him. Two living beings facing abandonment.

The Human Voice

Trailer in the original version. The movie will be presented with french subtitles.

Pedro Almodóvar

Born in 1949 in Calzada de Calatrava, Spain, Pedro Almodóvar had a provincial childhood, marked by a strong women presence and a religious education. At the age of 18, he moved to Madrid and worked various jobs while immersed in the Madrid movida, a creative and fiery cultural movement that coincided with the democratic transition. He was introduced to theater, performance and writing in counterculture circles, and even wrote Patty Diphusa, a landmark novel in the emerging homosexual literature. In the 70s, he began directing short and then feature films. Initially noticed by the underground milieu, the filmmaker has a growing success in Spain. In 1986, he co-founded the production company El Deseo with his brother, and two years later, Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown brought him international fame, which has never waned since.



La voix humaine by Pedro Almodóvar

La voix humaine by Pedro Almodóvar

La voix humaine by Pedro Almodóvar

La voix humaine by Pedro Almodóvar

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