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Sokout (Original languages with French subtitles)
Main screening room
April 29th, 2024
76 min
Simon Beaulieu, Retrospective and Carte Blanche

After several nuanced portrait films of Quebec cultural figures, Simon Beaulieu, also a screenwriter, follows a trajectory that brings his work closer to the essay film. In addition to screening his films, the carte blanche we offer him showcases the diversity of his influences and the eclecticism of his tastes.

The Silence
Directed by
Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Original version with French subtiles
Tahmineh Normatova, Nadereh Abdelahyeva, Goibibi Ziadolahyeva
Iran, Tajikistan, France
76 min
Drama, Musical
35 mm

Khorshid is a ten-year-old blind boy who works as a tuner for a luthier. He lives with his mother in a small village in Tajikistan and travels to the workshop with the help of Nadereh, the luthier's little protégée. Khorshid discovers the world without seeing it, through the sounds of the places he goes to and in which he sometimes gets lost.

The Silence

Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Mohsen Makhmalbaf is an Iranian screenwriter, director, editor, producer, actor and cinematographer. He belongs to the new wave of Iranian cinema. His daughters, Samira and Hana Makhmalbaf, are also film directors. Before the Iranian revolution, he became involved in politics, was arrested and imprisoned for over four years, only to be released after the revolution. He gave up politics and turned his attention to culture. He began writing and making films. He also published books, seventeen to this day, translated into over ten languages. His films have been shown in over forty countries and have been presented over a thousand times at international film festivals. By 2002, he had won 26 awards. In 2000, Boston University awarded him its Special Prize. In 2013, he was president of the jury at the 35th Moscow International Film Festival. Two years later, in 2015, he presided over the jury at the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival.


Sur notre blogue

À l'occasion de la rétrospective qui lui est consacrée, doublée d'une carte blanche de treize séances de films de son choix, Simon Beaulieu a bien voulu répondre à nos questions sur son parcours de cinéaste et cinéphile.

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