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Alice in den Städten (VOSTA)
Main screening room
May 4th, 2022
110 min
Wim Wenders - Cities and Roads

For all sorts of reasons, we are never done with Wim Wenders’ cinema and his way of apprehending narratively (sometimes with the complicity of the writer Peter Handke) and photogenically (by his lucky star) the 1970s, especially in Germany and the US. Seizing the opportunity of a new series of accessible restorations, we present several of his films that were commonly requested for years, including Alice in den Städten, with music by Can, the legendary Krautrock band. A few legendary films from the 80s and 90s that extend the plastic themes and concerns of his early era will also be shown.

Alice in the Cities
Directed by
Wim Wenders
English and German with English subtitles
Yella Rottländer, Rüdiger Vogler, Lisa Kreuzer
West Germany
110 min

The German journalist Winter wants to write a story about America but is unable to accomplish anything but a series of Polaroids before disappointedly beginning his journey back home. In New York, he reluctantly agrees to take little Alice with him, because her mother —whom he meets on the day before his departure—has urgent business to take care of there. In Amsterdam, the mother then fails to appear as they agreed, so Winter and Alice set out to try to find Alice’s grandmother in the Ruhr region. During their search, their initial mutual dislike gradually transforms into a heartfelt affection. (Janus Films)

Alice in the Cities

Wim Wenders

After studying medicine and philosophy, Wim Wenders left his hometown of Düsseldorf for Paris, where he forged his film culture in the effervescence of the 1960s. He then studied cinema in Munich and moved on to directing, enrolling in the New German Cinema movement. Noticed in Europe, his 1970s films saw the emergence of his favorite themes and affinities (American cinema, road movies, music). With The American Friend (1977), the filmmaker gained notoriety in the United States and began to work there. There he directed the famous Paris, Texas (1984), before returning to Germany to sign another flagship film of his career, Wings of Desire (1987). In addition to his work of fiction, he has directed several documentaries, particularly on artistic creation: music (Buena Vista Social Club), dance (Pina) or photography (The Salt of the Earth), a discipline that the filmmaker also exercises himself.

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Alice in the Cities by Wim Wenders

Technically, Alice in the Cities is Wim Wenders’s fourth film, but he often refers to it as his first, because it was during this film that he discovered the genre of the road movie.
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