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Lilies - Les feluettes (VOSTF)
Main screening room
November 28th, 2022
95 min
Michel Marc Bouchard : adaptations

L'œuvre du dramaturge Michel Marc Bouchard a depuis les années 1980 inspiré de nombreux films, des Feluettes (Greyson) à Tom à la Ferme (Dolan). Ce cycle permettra de constater non seulement que de nombreux projets de cinéma se sont nourris de son théâtre, mais encore combien l'imaginaire de ce dramaturge porte les marques de sa cinéphilie. Une carte blanche vient compléter ce cycle.

In the presence of Michel Marc Bouchard

Lilies - Les feluettes
Directed by
John Greyson
Marcel Sabourin, Brent Carver, Aubert Pallascio
96 min
35 mm

Fall 1952. Monsignor Bilodeau visited an old prisoner, Simon Doucet, to hear his confession. Doucet told him the story of three teenagers that had happened 40 years earlier, in 1912. As soon as he hears the names of the three boys, the bishop understands that his life is in danger. John Greyson adapts one of Quebec playwright Michel-Marc Bouchard's major works, Les feluettes.

Lilies - Les feluettes

John Greyson

John Greyson (born March 13, 1960) is a Canadian director, writer, video artist, producer, and political activist, whose work frequently deals with queer characters and themes. He was part of a loosely-affiliated group of filmmakers to emerge in the 1980s from Toronto known as the Toronto New Wave. Greyson has won accolades and achieved critical success with his films—most notably Zero Patience (1993) and Lilies (1996).

Michel Marc Bouchard

Born in 1958, Michel Marc Bouchard grew up in Lac Saint-Jean. It was there that he staged his very first play, Scandal, in 1975. He then went on to study theater at the University of Ottawa and worked with several French Ontario theatre companies. In 1983, his play La contre-nature de Chrysippe Tanguay, écologiste, was shown at the Théâtre d'aujourd'hui in Montreal, which was a turning point in his career. The many plays he has written since then have often been translated and performed internationally. In Quebec, Michel Marc Bouchard has collaborated with the greatest directors, such as André Brassard and Brigitte Haentjens. He himself has written the screenplay for several film adaptations of his works, including John Greyson's Les Feluettes, Sophie Lorain's Les grandes chaleurs and Xavier Dolan's* Tom à la ferme*.


Lilies is a remarkable work, highly symbolic, based on the metaphors and principles of classical tragedy, but never forgetting its playfulness. In this sense, Greyson's film, taking advantage of Bouchard's magnificent text, reveals itself as a successful synthesis of classical spirit and modernist questioning, rightly choosing the best of both worlds for our greatest pleasure, both intellectual and sentimental.
Thierry Gendron
Ciné-Bulles (1997)
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