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Il mio nome è Nessuno (English with French subtitles)
Main screening room
January 21st, 2024
Suggested viewing age: 10 and up
116 min
Spaghetti Westerns

Like the thrilling genre it identifies, the term "spaghetti western" has steadily gained in esteem and sympathy. Born in the mid-1960s, the Italian Western is a universe in its own right, whose cinematic language, anarchic tone and spectacular iconography have had a considerable impact. Presented in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Montreal, this cycle brings together the must-see films of the "three Sergios" (Leone, Corbucci, Sollima) and a diverse selection of films by the main directors of the period. It's an opportunity to grasp the richness of a genre whose stylistic beauty is matched only by the dirtiness of its protagonists, and which has managed to be alternately irreverent and lyrical, funny and violent, bon-vivant and political, dark and luminous. The versions presented have been chosen on the basis of elements such as language (all these films were dubbed, so there is no single "original" version), complete editing and recent restorations.

My Name Is Nobody
Directed by
Tonino Valerii
English with French subtitles
Terence Hill, Henry Fonda, Jean Martin
Italia, France, West Germany
116 min
Spaghetti western, drama, comedy

In 1899, an aging pistolero meets a young admirer who dreams of witnessing him accomplish one last feat: confronting the Savage Horde. Initiated by Sergio Leone as a reaction to the success of Trinita, the film was directed by his former assistant, Tonino Valerii (Day of Anger), and reunited the popular interpreter of Trinita, Terence Hill, with a Western monument: Henry Fonda. Packed with references but free from parody, My Name is Nobody is a vibrant tribute to the myths of the West and to two legends of cinema.

My Name Is Nobody
An adventurous comedy, an engaging duo, a tale of generational transmission and a reflection on myths and role models: a wonderful introduction to the Western from an early age.

Tonino Valerii

Born in 1934 in the Abruzzo region of Italy, Tonino Valerii studied cinema and started out as a scriptwriter. Then Sergio Leone offered him the position of assistant director on the set of his first two westerns, For a Fistful of Dollars and And for a Few Dollars More. Valerii then moved on to directing, with his first western, Per il gusto di uccidere, in which the influence of his mentor is evident. His second film, Day of Anger, is a masterstroke that reveals his talent as a filmmaker and his particular style within the genre, blending psychological finesse with raw violence. In the years that followed, Valerii also explored other genres, such as erotic drama and giallo. In 1973, he filmed My Name is Nobody, based on an idea by Sergio Leone, a magnificent tribute to the Western and the legends of both the West and cinema, at a time when the Italian Western genre was coming to an end.


Quand l'Italie révolutionna le western

Après le succès de Pour une poignée de dollars, le bal est lancé : les cinéastes italiens créent un univers à part entière, en inventant leur propre langage de cinéma, où le scope embrasse les visages avec autant d’ampleur que les paysages.

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