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Ashes of Time Redux (VOSTA)
Main screening room
October 1st, 2021
93 min
1+1/24 images

À l’occasion de la publication du 200e numéro de la revue de cinéma 24 images, nous accueillons leurs auteurs pour une série de projections doubles qui promettent de nourrir adéquatement le cinéphile avide ! Au menu : Wong Kar-wai, Yasujirō Ozu, Tsai Ming Liang, Sofia Coppola… Chaque projection sera présentée par l’un des auteurs de la revue.

Cult Movie !

Ashes of Time Redux
Directed by
Wong Kar-wai
Cantonese with english subtitles
Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung, Brigitte Lin
Hong Kong
93 min
35 mm

Swordsman Ou-yang Feng was once a ruthless bounty hunter for whoever would pay. Now leaving the killing to others, he owns a desert inn where he spends the day pining after his brother’s wife. Among his current employees is his friend Huang Yao-shi, whose annual visits are one of his rare pleasures.

Ashes of Time Redux

Wong Kar-wai

Wong Kar-wai (born 17 July 1958) is a Hong Kong film director. His films are characterised by nonlinear narratives, atmospheric music, and vivid cinematography involving bold, saturated colours. A pivotal figure of Hong Kong cinema, Wong has had a considerable influence on filmmaking with his trademark personal, unconventional approach. His films frequently appear on best-of lists domestically and internationally. He began a career as a screenwriter for soap operas before transitioning to directing with his debut, the crime drama As Tears Go By (1988).



Une nouvelle version du film, intitulée Ashes of Time Redux, remontée par le réalisateur, fut présentée au Festival de Cannes 2008.

REVIEW | The Perfect Storm: Wong Kar-wai’s “Ashes of Time Redux”

Eradicating bad memories of the moldy “My Blueberry Nights” in one fell swoop, Wong Kar-wai‘s gussied-up reissue of his 1994 “martial-arts action epic” (in quotes because it never actually feels like any of those things) is a reminder of why we fell in love with the Hong Kong auteur in the first place...

Wong Kar-wai’s Phoenix Project, Rising at Last

“It’s like a bottle of wine,” said Mr. Wong, taking off his signature sunglasses over lunch recently in Los Angeles. “It needed time. Perhaps it’s finally come of age.”...

Full Cast
Le film est tiré du roman La Légende du héros chasseur d'aigles, de Jin Yong.
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