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Le grand châle d'Aamu (VOF)
Main screening room
March 20th, 2022
42 min
Quebec Cinema

A film for everyone that combines animation and live action to tell the story of a young girl lulled by the comforting imagination of a loving grandmother, setting out to discover nature and the people surrounding her.

Le grand châle d'Aamu
Directed by
Lucie Lambert
French version
42 min

One night Aamu's grandmother, Aino, a motherly figure full of wisdom, tells her little girl, "If you want to grow up, you have to go out and see the world." So little Aamu, in animation, accompanied by her fox, goes out to meet real people.

Le grand châle d'Aamu

Lucie Lambert

Lucie Lambert spent her childhood in Portneuf-sur-Mer, on Québec’s North Shore, between forest and sea. Following her studies in litterature, she developed a passion for a free-form genre of filmmaking, mixing experimental with documentary. In 1991, with partners Sylvain l’Espérance and Pierre Marier, Lucie formed the production company Les films du tricycle allowing her the freedom to work as she pleased. Her favourite themes, whether in her films Paysage sous les paupières, Avant le jour, Le père de Gracile or in her most recent work, touch on the relationships between women, men and children and the territory they inhabit. Each film gives voice to characters whose life is inscribed with the memory of places. The stories exceed the framework of intimacy, reverberating in an overall understanding of human existence. Poetry gives colour to all her films. Lucie also produced the feature film La nuit, elles dansent, co-directed by Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault, which screened at the Directors Fortnight, in Cannes in 2011.

(photo : Yves Demers)


Le grand châle d'Aamu (Lucie Lambert)

About Lucie Lambert
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Le grand châle d’Aamu» - le nouveau film de Lucie Lambert

Le grand châle d'Aamu est un nouveau film pour enfants réalisé par LUCIE LAMBERT, originaire de Portneuf-sur-mer et résidente des Bergeronnes. En alliant l'animation, le documentaire et le conte, on découvre la culture et les histoires des habitants de la Laponie finlandaise. La semaine prochaine, la première du film sera présentée aux Bergeronnes. Alain James en discute avec la réalisatrice.

Thora Herrmann, Lucie Lambert, Matleena Fofonoff and Hanna-Maria Kiprianoff during the filming.
Photo : Christian M. Fournier

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