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Salle Raoul-Barré
Claudie Lévesque
December 15th, 2022 - February 12th, 2023

For more than twenty years, filmmaker Claudie Lévesque has been offering a world without artifice, deep in the intimacy of film or video material, which she uses to tell stories that are as tender as they are powerful. With Ritournelles, she goes beyond visual linearity to create a fragmented experience that captures the complex mind of a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Far from a medical or psychological report, Lévesque favors the warmth of voices that transmit snippets of experience to the visitor. The visuals take up everyday gestures that are arranged and answered to the rhythm of an algorithm that determines the order, always changing, that these sequences will follow when placed side by side. An organized chaos of uncontrollable habits.

Opening on December 15, at 5:30 pm

On January 26, at 7:45 pm, a performance related to the exhibition will be presented in the Salle Raoul-Barré (free admission).

Please note that the exhibition will not be open to the public on January 18, 23 and 25 to allow the artists to rehearse for the performance.

Exerpt from Ritournelles. Photo credit : Claudie Lévesque (2022)


Excerpts from an interview conducted by Claudie Lévesque, as part of her research on the exhibition project Ritournelles. Geneviève suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (verification).
12 min 54 sec


Excerpts from an interview conducted by Claudie Lévesque, as part of her research for the exhibition project Ritournelles. Janie has obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, performance anxiety disorder and eating disorders.
10 min 32 sec


Excerpts from an interview conducted by Claudie Lévesque, as part of her research for the exhibition project Ritournelles. Rachel has body dysmorphia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
13min 31 sec

Claudie Lévesque

Claudie Lévesque lives in Montreal and has been working with media arts for over twenty years. She collaborates with several organizations (Main Film, Les Films de l'Autre, IFCO, CQAM) where she produces installation and programming projects (Capsules-mémoire, Main Film, 2007; Les 50 ans d'art vidéo, CQAM - Marseille, 2013). Since 2011, she regularly sits on various film and video selection committees.

In parallel, she leads a career as a filmmaker. Her practice unfolds through experimental cinema and video art. Between 2005 and 2008, she participated in spontaneous creations (Montréal S8 and One Take S8) using her favorite filmic medium, Super 8. She made short films such as Magie blanche (2005), which features her daughter. In the form of portraits or self-portraits, her work deals with intimate subjects that involve her or her loved ones. She has made more than a dozen short films, including an experimental documentary entitled Ma famille en 17 bobines (2011), which has been presented in numerous festivals (RIDM, Visions du Réel in Switzerland). In 2012, IFCO is dedicating a retrospective to her, with some of her works being screened on film. Her work has been shown in several festivals in Canada and internationally. She is distributed by Les Films du 3 mars, Vidéographe and GIV. In 2020, she completed a Master's degree in experimental media at UQAM, which earned her the Prix Philippe-Ménard for best research-creation thesis.